Titles and Credits


Producer, writer, naming consultant, designer, licensed writing/English tutor, copyeditor, music programmer, supporter in various professional capacities.

Consultant as New Information, admin for Modern Hug Productions, and art director for World Aurale Records.


• Produced Styles for Relaxation (2016), a two-hour double-cassette program (and free download) of unreleased instrumental music from various artists.

• Led the art direction for album covers (vinyl LPs and 7″s, cassettes, compact discs, digital releases), websites, and promotional efforts, collaborating with groups such as Type Recordings, Digitalis Recordings, Moon B, Body-san, Golden Donna, 1080p Collection

• Contributed music writing to Ad HocDecoder Magazine, Foxy Digitalis.

• Owner & operator of music imprint Overland Shark (2010 – 2012).